Earth Day Every Day


Kids of all ages....Please join us on the 50th celebration of Earth Day - April 22, 2020

We will have loads of 'Free Family Fun' activities for

 kids of all ages to participate.  Please view our website for more

information on how you can win cash prizes up to $1000


Want to live more sustainably?

Please visit to learn of many exciting and novel ways to 

reduce your carbon footprint!

Harvard Capstone


Community Living

As a student in Harvard's Masters in Sustainability program concentrating in creating Sustainable Cities and Communities, 

the founder's capstone is creating the 

nation's 1st net positive, small home community in the nation.  

Our Services

Documentary Filmmaking

Our first documentary short, 'If It Could Happen to Me, 

It Could Happen to You: From Homeless to Harvard', 

premiered at the UN on 2.13.2020 at the first intergovernmental dialogue on homelessness in history at the United Nations


Video Production

With clients ranging from the international Earth Day Network - - to, we have something for of all ages!


Minimal Carbon Marketing

With our expertise in creating effectual websites from basic educational websites utilizing professional photography to ecommerce platforms infusing video, we are able to help you design a minimally carbon evasive marketing plan.

Super Sewing Shop

Tailoring Service

1st Small Business Owner

1st Small Business Owner



Commissioning over a dozen Afghani SIV refugee women, the Super Sewing Shop allows for our local Charlottesville artisans to create one of a kind, ready to wear, apparel art.  

We also offer an old fashioned tailoring service where we visit your home, office, or place of business to conduct the measurements.  We then take your clothes to one of our seamstresses who tailors your clothes accordingly.

Each super seamstress was either a seamstress, tailor, or designer in their native Afghani village, town, city, or respective province.  

1st Small Business Owner

1st Small Business Owner

1st Small Business Owner



Miss 'Miracle', our first recipient of payment from our parent company,

We are hoping to continue with production after 

we've had more sales 

www.EcoChic.Boutique is where we sell our 


ready to wear apparel art

EArth Day every day contests


Favorite Recipe?

Love to cook?  Although we are hoping you'll share your favorite plant based recipe, we're not picky eaters! Share and you could win $100!


Favorite Nature Picture?

Please send us your favorite nature related or 'Earth Day' photo, and you could win $100!


Favorite Sustainable Outfit?

Would you like to have a slow fashion show with us on Earth Day?  Please submit a picture of you in your favorite sustainable outfit & you could win $100!

Our EVENTS & Actions



 How do you serve your community?


Servant Leadership

How can we serve you and our community?



Come out to celebrate peacefully.