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Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, a 501c3 facilitating Social Entrepreneurial ventures both

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Focused on raising awareness to pertinent global issues, our production company is currently filming a documentary on homelessness, domestic in nature with a focus on the birthplace of modern democracy, Charlottesville, VA, 

'If It Could Happen to Me, It Could Happen to You'

In the pipeline: 

Traffikid - Child Sex Trafficking

No Care, Hellth Care - Health Care Crisis

Freeze - Gun Control

The Energy Wars - Renewable Energy Crisis

Spent - Student Loan Financial Crisis



Commissioning over a dozen Afghani SIV refugee women, the Super Sewing Shop allows for our local Charlottesville artisans to create one of a kind, ready to wear, apparel art.  Each super seamstress was either a seamstress, tailor, or designer in their native Afghani village, town, city, or respective province.  

The Super Sewing Shop members are currently forming an all Muslim, female owned, sharia based business.



Having been homeless 4 times in her life beginning at the age of 14, the founder created a business for the currently homeless, run by the formerly homeless.  A global and domestic pandemic, homelessness impacts us all. 

A homemade, organic bath and beauty line, Apothe.Care provides for a high quality experience utilizing any of our products.  


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Managing Love

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