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Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, a 501c3 facilitating Social Entrepreneurial ventures both

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Focused on raising awareness to pertinent global issues, our production company is currently filming a documentary on homelessness, domestic in nature with a focus on the birthplace of modern democracy, Charlottesville, VA, 

'If It Could Happen to Me, It Could Happen to You: 

From Homeless to Harvard'

In the pipeline: 

Traffikid - Child Trafficking

No Care, Hellth Care - Health Care Crisis

Freeze - Gun Control

The Energy Wars - Renewable Energy Crisis

Spent - Student Loan Financial Crisis



Commissioning over a dozen Afghani SIV refugee women, the Super Sewing Shop allows for our local Charlottesville artisans to create one of a kind, ready to wear, apparel art.  

We also offer an old fashioned tailoring service where we visit your home, office, or place of business to conduct the measurements.  We then take your clothes to one of our seamstresses who tailors your clothes accordingly.

Each super seamstress was either a seamstress, tailor, or designer in their native Afghani village, town, city, or respective province.  




Our goal is to build thriving communities where we are living as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible as individuals and as a community.

We are also able to help you design your own 

ecofriendly community or individual home.  

We believe in recycling and implementing all resources

sustainably leaving no trace behind in each regenerated community.

Our goal is to be not only carbon neutral but to generate energy to be utilized by the local municipalities where each community is located focusing first on providing energy needs for schools and medical facilities.

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